Friday, July 07, 2006

Flypaper for freaks

Recently, was visited by someone calling themselves Ancientclown. (Which briefly reminded me of the word assclown, which I use frequently, but I digress.)
His comment was:
"Here's a perspective to consider, though it may be different than your own. As for myself, I walk with a guitar, through places cops won't go with guns.
I don't think I know...I just know I'm thinking.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown"

Uh, walk with your git-tar in downtown tikrit, and kids will be using your head for a soccer ball.
He (or she) (it?)linked to his/her/its blog, and since I didn't quite get the point of their comment, I took a trip down the rabbit hole.

It starts with this quote from the title area of the blog:
I didn't really understand that, so I kept going... in summary, here's abrief synopsis of its recent entries:
1. Free David--A picture of an (apparently homeless) man, and the information that he's been sentenced to 120 days plus 90 days (that's 210 days, clown) and the only definition is that he was defending the rights of the poor. No other explanation. I had to hunt for it on other blogs, but basically this guy's defense is through civil disobedience and actually breaking laws to make his point. A crime is a crime, pal.

2. Happy Americanada day--something about how the US gummint installed the Cannuck PM instead of letting the Canadians vote for their gummint, because we don't have anything better to do. (Been starting to feel paranoid lately? It's a well known side-effect, dude. Mellow out.

3. A poll about adding poverty/homelessness to the human rights act. I agree, poverty and homelessness should be a right of every person. Curse the gummint for making us live in these houses and giving us money!

I loved this quote:
GOD's Choice over man-made 'DRUGS'
In Genesis, GOD makes Cannabis for us.
In the early 1900's, Man takes it away by making it against the RULES and ADDS it to their Criminal Code...and in doing so, started a
''WAR on GOD'' disguised as a DRUG WAR."

Followed by the poll question:
"Should Governments worldwide remove Cannabis from their Criminal Codes altogether, finally recognizing GOD's LAW to be greater than that of man's rules."

About this time, I had to stop reading, as I was getting dumber with each passing sentence.

Ancientclown: I don't get it...Are you a stoner hippie with a god complex, a born-again (not that there's anything wrong with that) stoner, or--heck, I just don't get your blog.
You go from quoting scripture, but in the first person (and without attribution) to decrying that god gave us cannabis during the creation, so we should have as much of it as we want. Here's a bunt from the cluebat: God gave us lots of things, we took knowledge from his garden, (although we weren't supposed to) and he tossed us out of paradise on our collective asses. That's the point of Genesis.

God also created ebola, herpes, meningitis, jock itch, poison sumac, cancer, and irritable bowel syndrome. Why not have a poll asking how many people want to have those every day? Stop blogging when you're stoned. God doesn't want you to alter your state of consciousness to admire his works, otherwise that altered state would be the normal state. Get a haircut, take a shower, find a job, pay your taxes, sell your skateboard, devil sticks, and hemp clothes, throw out the posters of fuzzy mushrooms, led zepplin blacklights, and woody harrelson. Sell your VW van and get a normal car (to get you to your new job), make sure you don't cover it with rainbows, bumper stickers, or multicolored teddy bears or top-hat wearing skeletons, donate the Grateful dead tie-dyes and teeshirts back to charity, take another shower, take the street signs off your walls, move out of your parent's basement/garage, and grow up.


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