Friday, July 21, 2006

VEGA$, Part II

So we leave the room and meet up with more friends poolside. The Bellagio has a buttload of pools, and since we're in the desert in July, and it's about 150 degrees, we decide to all gather at the heated pool--heated to about 175 degrees. (If we were smart, most of us wouldn't be gummint employees.)

So we relax poolside for a few hours.
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I'm enjoying "fruity foo foo drinks" as I told the bikini-clad stewardess who took our orders, and Carren prettymuch stuck to beer and water (eww-fish pee in water.)

That night, we all head out to an Italian restaurant for $20 spaghetti. Okay, I'm usually opposed to paying so much for pasta (I tend to order things I can't cook at home, or things I wouldn't usually make, but either like or want to try, as a $20 steak is usually more satisfying than $20 for $1.00 worth of noodles and sauce, but I'm going off on a tangent here...) The truly great thing abouty this place (and probably the reason I can't remember the name) is that they had free wine. Red or White, all you can drink.
Now, I'm not much of a Oenophile; frankly, I'd usually rather have a coke than a glass of wine. However, I'm also a cheap bastard frugal, and in a town where everyone is trying to suck the green stuff outta your wallet; so I drank the wine. It wasn't too bad, so I started filling my water glass with it. And then someone got out her camera...
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The 12 of us enjoyed our meal, and since the wine was starting to take effect, we headed out of the restaurant. But, as luck would have it, the restaurant was graced by the ghost of the Duke, so J.W.'s ghost and I had to get a snapshot there too...
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Then we were off to a night of carousing and bar-hopping. It gets fuzzy from here, but casinos generally don't care for people taking pictures, but they do serve free booze. Also, they actually have tables where you can play "War." Remember when we were kids? High card wins? Yep. I did pretty well at the "War" table from 0100 to 0330. Then, I knew when to fold'em and run like hell back to the room,
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where I could pass out and tell Carren the good news. (I didn't break the bank gambling, and I'm nowhere near the "High roller" club, but I came out far enough ahead to buy a new .22 for target practice at work.)

So, that was all in our first 24 Hours. We were there for 3 more days. More to follow...


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