Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A few questions....

Why is it that a picture of my ass gets >thirty comments but three posts about semi-important things get a total of maybe nine? C'mon! Dissenting opinions are welcome of course, but I'll defend my points staunchly, as will many of my other "regulars." I like reading your comments.It helps abate the whole "screaming into the void" thing.

Second (and this is sorta blegging) in the past year a quarter of a million folks (give or take the 200,000 times I czeched for comments) have visited From My Position... I want to see that number hit 1,000,000 by 1 January 07. Why? Simply, the more exposure this blog gets, the more exposure Valour-IT gets, and (hopefully) the more exposure both deployed and wounded soldiers get. I have a couple ideas to get more stories (good news) from the battlefield, but really need the traffic to support asking some of these units to take the time to send me their stories.

So, talk to me, and for christsakes, tell friends, family, enemies, people on the street, greeters at walmart, everyone you can think of to visit, comment, and hang out.

From My Position... On the Way! doesn't have to be your dirty little secret anymore.


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