Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I don't CAIR anymore

I've found a solution to our Air traffic woes:
First, CAIR constantly claims that it's only a small percentage of muslimes who conduct terrorist attacks. Considering that there's about a billion of them, and only (maybe) one hundredth of one percent of those are terrorists, that leaves 100,000 terrorists. That's way too many. And they grow, exponentially, as their cult grows, since asshats tend to perpetuate their beliefs in the the minds of their children.
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Second, it would seem that the only people in the "take over a plane, shoot the passengers, dump the bodies on the tarmac, crash it into a building" crowd are muslims (I won't limit it to males , since I Googled it: "Results 1 - 10 of about 16,500,000 for female terrorist"--Yikes!)
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So, it would seem that segregation is the best answer.
I'm not talking about racism here, Malcolm X was killed because he found out islam wasn't just a "colored" religeon and was going to tell his peeps that they didn't have to exclude anyone from the nation of islam. (at least that's how the movie portrayed it.

I'm not suggesting total segregation based on racial/or religeous grounds. Just on Airlines. Let's face facts, private companies and corporations reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If they would just refuse to allow anyone with al- or bin- or any name that sounds like when you're trying to clear your throat after a week-long bender in a cigar bar, if they would refuse to let them on the planes, then they couldn't blow them up or take them over.

Now, I realize members of the cult of moohammed still need to travel. Why not tell the sheiks who are absolutely dripping with cash to build/buy their own airline and operate it? Al-Muslim Air (or maybe Flying Carpet Airlines?) would have muslim ground crews, pilots, aircrew, stewards (you wouldn't want betty burkah serving sodas and pretzels) and passengers. The airline would be particularly sensitive to muslim customs and traditions, never offend anyone, and be strictly muslim (NO INFIDELS.)

However, since there would definitely be a threat to the rest of us from planeloads of true believers whizzing overhead, there also stands a tremendous opportunity for our military. Every domestic flight is escorted on it's flight path by some of our friends in the USAF. ANY unapproved variation in the flight plan, and the aircraft is hit with so much ordinance it is vaporized. Same goes for international flights coming in to the US. Any variation results in martyrdom for everyone on the plane. The beauty of this is that the only ones hurt here are the same group of people who are causing trouble in the first place.

I understand that this is truly punishing the masses, but, then again, a handful of Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, and we went to war with them as an entire nation. They attacked a valid military target, minimized civilian losses (ookay, only during the first attack) and started the war. At that point, we were fighting them as a nation, as an Army, and as a race. (Of course, that led to our own version of concentration camps, which was a bad idea.) A basic concept of security is that if you can't tell the good guy from the bad guy, TREAT EVERYONE LIKE A BAD GUY.

I don't know. Maybe I am a racist. Maybe I'm a facist. Maybe I'm just an asshole. But I know when I get on an airplane, I look around. If I see anyone who appears even remotely like this:
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I determine the best way to kill them if they start acting fruity. Of course, I do that to prettymuch everyone (Be polite, be courteous, but be prepared to kill everyone you meet.)
Worse yet, I actively attempt to get a seat behind folks that look like this, and spend a better part of my flight sharpening my plastic spork into a weapon:
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keeps spouting off about Islam being the religion of Peace, and how this is just a few misguide bad apples who malign the true meaning of the religion.
Can anyone tell me the last time there was a major peace rally in ANY arab country? Any "Enough is enough, let the joos stay" marches? How about any large gathering of middle-eastern males that didn't end up in a riot with flag burning, AK-47 fire and death chants?

It really breaks down to a simple rhetorical question: If you heard on the news that there was a hitchhiker going around killing people who give him rides, he was actively hunting in your area, he thought he should kill people because god told him to, and you saw a man hitchhiking down the road, would you pick him up? Regardless of how he was dressed, what color he was, or any other determinant, you would not pick up the hitchhiker. It would be absolutely foolish to stop for anyone who fit the description of "Male Hitchhiker."

The only thing we know in our present situation is that Muslims, male, female, and children, and predominantly (but not limited to) arabs, are going around attempting to blow up planes. Should we let them on? (Didja ever think what would happen if they swallowed the bomb? What if they concealed a ceramic-blade knife on their person? The next attack will happen when their creativity surpasses our technology and vigilance. And they have time on their side.


Update: They're heeeeeeerre! http://www.debbieschlussel.com/archives/2006/08/all-american_te.html
They are now homegrown, with full rights of citizens and blessing bestowed upon them by this great nations, possessing the same freedoms as any other citizen, by the exertions of better men thatn themselves, and how do they "pay back/pay forward" all the benefits they've gotten in their lives? By buying hundreds of cell phones to send to Iraq/Afghanistan/Lebanon for use in IEDs. The same kind that splattered yours truly's ass all over the place.
These kids are Americans. Born and raised here. Their actions are not simply their means of protest, they are
1) providing materiel support to an enemy of the US
2) actively giving our enemise the means to KILL AND MAIM AMERICAN SOLDIERS
and I would also say seditious, but I don't know that they support violent overthrow of our gummint.

Deport their entire family, anyone related even remotelty to these two has to go. But don't send them off to another land to train terrorists in how to blend in better with Americans. Nope. These two shitheads get punished. I'd recommend the chair, but that's too easy. Something more fitting might be to place a small bomb a few feet away from them, let it detonate, taking whatever it wants with it, and their little terrorist buddies can give them medical treatment afterward.

By the way, why did this get glossed over in the main stream media and Mel Gibson's supposedly anti-semetic remarks get headlines for days?(Note: Mel did the Passion a few years back, and we all know who killed the lead in that; and am I mistaken, but isn't it "Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law, not a court of public opinion?)

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