Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Israel, of course, has the right idea on how to deal with this problem. You see, this cease-fire, much like the one called on Operation Linebacker in 1972, is only going to allow the Hezbollah time to re-arm, replenish stocks of munitions, recruit from refugee and indiginous populations, and generally strengthen their hold in Lebanon.

Sure, the Israelis will also use this "tactical pause" to push logistics. That's what you do during a cease-fire. The problem is that a terrorist group will disolve when cornered and given the opportunity to escape, opting instead to fight from a position of strength, or at least suprise.

As far as a UN peacekeeping force goes, all that will accomplish is placing men between the two armies, one side will use them as shields to attck the other, and one side will (probably/hopefully) use restraint and not return fire.
Honestly, I'd prefer see theis on the news:
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This Israeli Merkava Main Battle Tank chases the last remnants of the Hezbollah and the PLO into the Mediterranian Sea, destroying the last vestiges of terrorism in the Middle East. After jumping in the ocean, the tank used its machine guns to turn the rabble into chum, feeding the fishes of the coast of the promised land. The war in the Middle east is Over.

Than to see this in the news:
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Today, the sultan of Pennsylvaniastan met with other potentates from around his new tribal lands, showing then how the importation of sand into his al-legheny mountain retreat has made this imuch more like his ancestral home. "Once we subjugated the infidel through terror, it was easy to cow their people giving up their homes and retreating to the safety of the reservations we set up for them. Now we can begin the full process of conversion to our religeon of peace, either they can become muslims or they can become martyrs to their false god!"

Wouldn't you?


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