Friday, September 29, 2006

Jebus, I swear when I am emperor....

I am going to put a timeclock in the congress. They'll receive an hourly wage, with a percentage based sliding scale depending onthe legislation they actually pass. (Not only do they have to come to work, they have to DO work.)

Here's why:
Last night, Senate Republicans got agreement from the Democrats to have a vote on whether to end debate on the Secure Fence Act. Republicans won by a vote of 71-28. Because of the Senate rules, 30 more hours of time has to lapse before Republicans can have a vote on final passage. It appears that the Democrats will force the clock to run out for a full 30 hours until they can have a final vote.

Because of this shenanigan, the Senate will not be able to vote on any other piece of legislation unless Republicans receive a unanmous consent agreement from the Democrats.

This prevents the Senate from having a vote on any other piece of legislation including Homeland Appropriations, the NSA terrorist surveillance program, port security, Iran Freedom and Support Act or Child Custody among other bills. Given the delaying tactics of the Democratic leadership, it would appear that national security is not as important to them as playing politics.

So, what the hell did they do today to earn the $452 we paid them (each) today? (The current salary for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $165,200 per year. The $465 daily rate is simply dividing that by 365, except we know they seldom work weekends, holidays, summers, or whenever they leave work to go "campaigning.")

So, if you have a Democrat Senator, call his or her office and ask them what the hell they did today to earn their money, and ask if you decide not to work tomorrow, if your tax dollars can cover your daily wages.


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