Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Start your adoption paperwork now!

This is the address of my brother-in-law. He's a Medic in the eighty-deuce, getting used to (or rather, having trouble adapting to) the >12 on, <12 off, 7 days a week schedule (in the aid station, not including patrols.)
The unit he replaced was staffed with 20 medics, they replaced it with six. (Dunno if the FOB was scaled back, or what.)
Anyway, usual issues are bearing on him: Misses the Missus and three booger eaters back home, AT&T continues to rape the American soldier (250 units+7 minutes of talk time (I'll find out if they have access to other means of phone communication.) He's at FOB Brassfield-Mora (Near Samarra), you can find out a little bit about it here: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/iraq/samarra.htm

Groovy. Anyway, get the old post orifice fired up. If I remember well, things that are usually available are dvds, (they are bootleg, and cost ~$5 for two, and often available within days of the film's release in theaters.) Comfort foods, snacky cakes, cheesy poofs, etc are always welcome. (I am the antithesis of my brother in law. He's 6'5-ish, and a body builder. I'm hoping to get him fat while he's there. Not sure what megamass-3000 type protein stuff he uses to build beefcakes, but I'm sure to find out soon enough. Sorry, Off topic. I imagine he'd like body building magazines, Maxim/Stuff/Men's Health (hey, who doesn't?) Also socks (I preferred black or green calf-length ALL COTTON socks), Extra T-Shirts (The Army is going to TAN shirt with the new uniform, look around for deals, but make sure they are tan, not brown, and for the ACU uniform, size XXL.) Pretty sure he take glucosamine-chondritin for his knees and back (he is a paratrooper)and he also is an artist--used to work for disney, so he's probably in need of more crayons and glitter :)

Spices, beef jerky, air freshener, old beach towels (used them for everything, from hygiene to dust-covers.)

Most of all, you thoughts and prayers. Not sure what his intraweb access is like their either, so I don't want to post his email address, lest we interfere with his commo back home and incur the wrath of my sister!

Mkay. Enough screwing around. Here's his address:

SGT Collins, Richard W. MED PLT
HHC 2/505 3BCT 82nd ABN DIV
FOB Brassfield-Mora
APO AE 09393

Get Crackin!


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