Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Diversity Fags

Sandi asked me this:

What would your reaction be if Creighton was involved with this:
(seriously, read it all first, then read my reaction.)

and My reaction:

What they are teaching, in one aspect, is sex ed to Kindergardeners and 1st graders, which most people will agree is not a great idea. I would teach my son (in retaliation/to make a point) to feel free to refer to his gay teacher as a sinner, a degenerate, and a pervert. I would teach him that according to the way we believe, God despises these sins, but still loves the people who commit them. Just like daddy can still love you even though you do bad things and get punished. I would explain (if I really had to) that some people believe that they are just born queer, but I would tell him (again) that God wouldn't make someone who would sin because they were born to sin. Sinning is a choice, and God made all of us capable of deciding between right and wrong. I would also tell my son that their teacher wasn't a bad person, just one who believed differntly, and we should pray for him.

Diversity is acceptance of all views. (I like to think of it as a lowest common demoniator mentality.) If I have to hear about, or my children have to accept teachings about homosexuality, transexuality, and bisexuality, then the school must ALSO teach the Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, and even Zoroastrian view that homosexuality in any form is wrong, and often seen as a sin punishable by death and eternal damnation. To do otherwise is a pure form of hypocricsy.

I wouldn't pull my children form the school, or otherwise transfer them to a private school, as the school in the story suggested. My tax dollars go to that school, and as a parent and taxpayer, what they teach is my business, and their teaching must be in line with my values, if not my religeon.

What I would do is file a cease and decist injunction on the school, and sue the school board, school administrators, and even the teachers for teaching sex ed to such young children. As a litigeous society, the potential loss of huge sums, mixed with bad press, tends to make people listen. If that failed, I would file an injunction for relief from school taxes, to be able to pay for private schooling.

I don't think we should inflict diversity on our kids until they are old enough to understand the concepts and implications, and are fully instilled in the knowledge of right and wrong. Diversity nazis are fun to pick on, because they belive that you have to accept all beliefs, cultures, and practices; unless, of course, your beliefs (especially that whole knowing right from wrong thing) differ from theirs. Then you are wrong, closed minded, a facist, and all sorts of other nasty things, and they refuse to accept your beliefs as equal to theirs.

I would also demand that in addition to teaching about gay/lesbian/bisexual/transtesticle/other perverts, I would demand (since we're teaching that different beliefs are okay) that in addition, I want my kids to pray in class, and I would want religeon taught in schools, by a minister of the faith in which I (and my family) believe. My priest (or any episcopal priest (except for the queers)) could hold classes for children who practice that way. Same for baptists, methodists, catholics, etc. Think it can't happen? You better believe schools will bend over backwards to allow our turban-wearing friends to hit their knees with their asses in the west every day at lunchtime, giving them a special room, and piping in the call for prayers. They'll accomodate the muslims, so they can accomodate me to. But since episcopalians have yet to drive car bombs, crash planes, or wear popping party vests into crowds, so I doubt I would be taken seriously.

Enough of a rant. I'd sue everybody, and probably take a few weeks off to attend school with the kids, and argue their "teaching" in class.


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