Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rich Sends (Part 1)

I just wanted to let you know -- as you probably could've guessed -- I've received a fair amount of mail from absolute strangers. The mail room knows who I am. Thanks for putting out that li'l ditty on your blog about me. Other than myself, the packages have benefited all the medics and many of the other Joe's around here. I've written back a few folks; and yet, there are more to extend the handshake back to. I have started to put together a list of those who have sent me a card, letter, or parcel. I was wondering if I sent these names with where they're from in the states, would you be willing to post them somewhere on your blog. (I will--Chuck)I've no idea how difficult or space consuming that might be but figured it would be nice -- if people who were interested -- for them to see if their efforts were fruitful. I plan to resp
ond personally to as many as possible who have sent something with a return address but so many are names with partial addresses. Some are near impossible to even get the name figured out -- the penman-ship is so doctor like. Anyhow, thanks for all your support. I hope you like what you're doing in PA. Tell all in your family I say, "HI!" I will try to send a CD with pics on it so your kids can see what their Uncle Rich is up to over here in this huge dump of a country. I wonder if these people will ever care about making life better for themselves and especially those neighbors to the Left and Right of them.

Sweat soaked, dusty, and covered with the stench of Iraq,

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