Monday, October 09, 2006

Soldiers Angels sends...

Instead of my usual post Ben "LOVE CHILD OF KORDELL AND MADDOX" Roethlisberger screw-up that goes for a steelers football game (note to Coach Cowher--Maybe if you put Charlie Batch in after PigPen Ben's first interception or dick-dance-in-the-pocket-longer-than-most-kickoff-hang-times-until-you-get-sacked-or fumble-or-both, maybe that kid'd smarten up a bit and get his head back in the game. Granted, Charlie Batch isn't a phenominal QB, but he does great under pressure and knows how to play when hurt. Ben hasn't made a single touchdown pass this season-in FOUR games, but has managed NINE interceptions. Howsabout a sliding pay scale? Maybe he gets $50K for a TD, and loses $150K for a fumble or interception.

But I'm not gonna do that. Instead, I am going to blast a Soldier's Call for help, to those who want to help. This comes from soldier's angel's, and is a verified need.

We have a preemie that needs our help, and a Mom and Dad who need our help; both parents are active military and the Father is just back from Iraq.

Their baby Ravione(I'm not sure if that spelling is correct) was born pre-mature two weeks ago and now weights about 4 pounds and because of the pre-mature birth they have nothing.

Audri Cid is Team Leader of Top Knot (which is the baby part of Soldiers Angels.) She is getting in touch with her team but Top Knot is mostly things to wear.

The Jacksons need A Crib, Car seat, bottles everything a baby needs is needed. Some of you younger mothers will know what to send and as for the Crib and Car Seat if you would like to send some donations to the mother and father for the purpose of buying a Crib and car seat that would be wonderful. If you would rather send a Wal Mart Card/gift card instead of sending baby things that would be great also. The mother could then put the cards together and go buy what she needs.

The address to send things to is:

Angel & Raymone Jackson
24963 Coral Canyon Rd.
Corona, Ca 92883


PS: Ben, if you're reading this, Pull your head outta your fourth point of contact and get you game on, or go home.

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