Saturday, October 28, 2006

Will Kunta Kinte please pick up the white courtesy phone...

Lately, Hollyweird celebs seem to be calling a lot of attention to the plight of starving, abandoned orphans inthird world countries themselves by adopting "orphans" (although Madonna's current orphan has a father, and we aren't exactly sure that the father was exacly sure what he was doing when he signed the papers profferred by the white devils.

Oh hell. She bought a kid. I'm not going to go off on it for pages and pages, she used her gobs of cash to buy off a gummint in Malawi, skirting their 18-24 month waiting/residency period. She then used her teams of lawyers to sandbag the UKGov, and when her little bundle of joy was delivereds, the new mommy even was nice enough to send her assistant to pick up the baby at the airport. Talk about love.

Lots of hollyweird types adopt kids, I think some actually do it because they love children. I think some do it as a status symbol, and still others do it because they want to highlight their own political agendas. ("Even though you're not my birth mommy, do you love me mommy?" "I guess so. I adopted you so other people would understand the plight of poor children, and then use their vast sums of cash and stable of lawyers to bypass most international laws, treaties, and regulations, and as such, end the plight of poor children in Ubutu. But, I suppose I love you too; now please hand me that new catalog of ethernopian children, the fall line is due out any day..."

Hey mom, here's a tip for you: LET AFRICA SINK


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