Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I hate it when that happens

Lately I've been going back and forth with an asshat in the comments section regarding my post on the draft. He (IRR Soldier) believes differently than me and most of the Army, with regards to draftee soldiers. He likes todo research into background info, and lay thinly veiled threats (What would the Cadet Command CG think about... or What would Major (one of my coworkers) think about...)
I write here, both in the posts and comments, what I think and feel, sometimes drawing things to the absurd to make a point, and other times venting my frustrations. I've often had to tell people that I am willing to discuss things, but once personal attacks are made, game over. I am much better at hurling insults than most, and pretty creative.
I have sworn to uphold and defent the constitution, and that does incude the 1st ammendment. If someone comes into my house and argues with me, then insults me, and the way I think and the way I do business, then they quickly find themselves in the yard, face down, with their mouth bleeding. Same thing here. Be polite or be humiliated and be gone. Banning someone is the equivalent of ripping out their throat.
IRR Soldier crossed the line. I am not banning him because he had a differing opinion, I am banning him because he hijacked a comment thread, and then, because he disagreed with me, chose to attack my professionalism.
Here's a neat thought. I don't sign my posts "CPT(P) Z." I sign them "--Chuck"
That's probably because my opinions do not represent the Army or anything other than myself, and sometimes not even that. IRR Soldier didn't realize that.
A little more history. IRR Soldier also decided to do this same routine over at Greyhawk about a year ago. Not sure if Greyhawk banned him, butr he eventually went away. He claims to do so much with OCS, yet his IP is in DC, not Fort Benning, where OCS is. He Commissioned in 1998, with an eight-year obligation. That'll put him out right about next August. (I can do math!) Good riddance. He served his time at Fort Drum, and was out well before he could ever hear a shot fired in anger.

Feh. I am done with him. He is banned. I get the final say here, it's my house. When I am wrong, I admit it. When I am wrong, I apologize. When I am confronted by asshats, I go straight to the guns.

Tranquility (hopefully) restored.


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