Thursday, November 16, 2006

A-mazing. Simply breathtaking.

FbL tells me that the total for Project Valour-IT is over $204, 000! Matty O’Blackfive shares that the other services (The navy and the naval infantry) assisted team Army and Team AirForce after they made their service goals, with the Navy (uncharacteristically) being the first to arrive on the objective.

In a week where the American people lost control of the house of commons and the house of lords, it is good to know that the true victors were the service members, who, because of your donations and untiring support, will be well taken care of. Your contributions will allow Project Valour-IT to support over 300 service members with voice-controlled laptops, and more importantly, help them on their long road to recovery.

Again, thank you.

Now start saving your pennies for next year’s competition, because I’ve a funny feeling that the Evil Party is going to start cutting benefits in January to pay for their plan of sending in more troops to do the job in Iraq (since so many commanders have come forward, just not publicly) saying that they need more troops) while simultaneously conducting a staged withdrawal (remember “Peace, with honor”?)

To me, those two goals seem mutually exclusive, but being a poor, uneducated soldier, what would I know? (Except how to formulate a plan for helping an initiative to help wounded service members reconnect and recover; finding funding through popular support, without levying a(nother) tax.)

Sorry, I’ve been watching the news again.

My sincerest thanks to all of you, from every branch and background who answered this call for help. Next year, let’s plan on raising a million, so we can use the interest to fund this program in perpetuity.


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