Thursday, December 28, 2006

A new memeber of the CrippleClub

Found this out from multiple sources today, borrowed the post from Laughingwolf over at Blackfive.

Lynnette/Patti, we need to get the wounded team spun up quick and get ready with a laptop, anyone with contact info for his family please get in touch with me (email or cell) so we can expedite the VALOur-IT Laptop and software... I know how he'll be wanting to post.

J. R. Salzman, who writes at Lumberjack in a Desert has been injured by an IED. His right arm has been amputated below the elbow, his left arm and hand are injured, but he notes that he is "in high spirits" (his sense of humor is still there) and that he "will be ok." Get on over there, let him know that he is in a lot of thoughts and prayers. He has, as he notes, a long haul ahead of him. Hat tip goes to Tammi AFSister from on this one.

He just returned from his mid-tour leave a week or so ago.


p.s. CrippleClub is yet another of my gallows-humor/self-depricating humor regarding my condition; it is in no way meant to be disprespectful of other's injuries. often, by recognizing those injuries and referring to them instead of "politely ignoring them," it conveys a sense that the injury is just that, an injury, and does not define the person.

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