Friday, December 29, 2006

Preview of coming attractions

I've got a duesey of a "in my world/Emperor Chuck" post regarding taxes, political parties, voting, and pork-barrel politics. And am kicking around a commentary on the posts and commentary on some left leaning sites.

Carren has a great on on our meeting with Senator john mccain, should he decide to toss his hat in the presidential ring. (The teaser: not only does she not support him, he upset her more that any other visitor, including Nancy Pelosi and Jackass Murtha.)

Since I am visiting with family at Fort Bragg/Pope AFB, I won't be posting anything of really great length, but I have been reading blogs and commenting there. One thing I would like to point out: the proper use of Site, sight, and cite.

Site: as in web
site is defined the piece of land on which something is located. (Not necessarily land, per se, but it relates to a place or address.

Cite, on the other hand, is to
mention: make reference to. As in citing an author on a website.

Sight, on the other other hand, is
an instance of visual perception. Sight almost always refers to some aspect of vision. You can look for a site, but you see the sights of a city.

Weapons have sights, which are often aimed at the site where someone stands who fails to cite sources.

Not that I am the grammar/spelling/pronunciation fairy, but c'mon. I can't take a lot of people seriously who type as they speak and use 3rd grade spelling in their diction. (Yeah, I know you can't physically do that, but still.)

And no, I'm not referring to anyone here.


(And for those of you who didn't know, "Duesey" Comes from an ad campaign by Duesenberg Motor Co, about it's popular (but expensive) roadster. "
it's as beautiful as a Duesenberg roadster, it's special")

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