Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein will die tonight is dead

Uncle Satan is on deathwatch dead. Supposedly, he's going to get got his neck stretched tonight, according to Fox.

I think he's doing this since I just fixed my blog page to show the 30 day countdown to a lynching.

I honestly hope they chose the Iranian method of hanging, where he's stood on the ground, noosed up, and lifted slowly into the air to strangle.

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The news claims they'll only show the video after they've viewed it, to make sure it's noty too harsh or in bad taste (unlike a beheading, an shooting execution of a US prisoner, burned bodies hanging from a bridge, or an enemy sniper shooting a US soldier.)

As long as it's tasteful, indeed.

Me, I'll celebrate his hanging by "Hanging Out" with my family for the next few hours.

A freely elected government in Iraq tried a despot according to their non-sharia but religiously guided laws, convicted him in a fair court, heard his appeal, and carried out justice , for the first time in the entire middle east. The first time the tree of liberty has been watered by the people of a nation in the middle east. The first time, ever.

Mission Accomplished, amen.


Oh, and Saddam, my God is waaaay better than your god.

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