Sunday, January 28, 2007

AssHattery at WRAMC

Walter Reed Army Medical Center has, in its infinite wisdom, decided to return mail sent to "any wounded soldoer" because it's either a) too hard to deliver all that mail, b) people have sent hate mail as well as good tidings, or c) it's a "security issue." (I tend to believe it's probably a combination of all three, with "C" being the catch-all that covers everything.)

Many of you who've written to the three kings I wrote about and others have written me to tell me that your cards and letters and packages have been returned. I surmise that since the addresses I posted were valid, then I believe that these men have been discharged, probably to the Mologne House, where they are "resident outpatients." If this is the case, great, it means they are doing better.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Public Affairs Office
Washington, D.C. 20307-5001
(202) 782-7177
Release No. _____
Date ____________
For Immediate Release
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Walter Reed Army Medical Center continues to be overwhelmed from the tens of thousands of Americans showing their support to our Wounded Warriors here in the form of cards, letters, care packages and more. However, this patriotic level of support has not only heightened security concerns but has also increased administrative burden, drained resources and limited other functions. Therefore, the medical center is phasing out its ‘To Any Wounded Soldier’ mail program. It is instituting a more effective alternative for such American generosity.
Whether individuals or groups want to send a care package to a soldier, donate airline miles to help reunite returning military men and women with their families, support scholarship funds or send support to wounded service members, the organizations listed below that are dedicated to helping soldiers and their families. (added to replace the red cross link)
[There was a red cross link here, but I removed it, as your donation would probably go toward gift cards for people who refuse to leave their homes when hurricanes come, and then use the money to go on shopping sprees at Neiman Marcus.]
For individuals without computer access, the local National Guard or military reserve unit may offer the best alternative to mailing packages to Walter Reed. In order to phase out the ‘To Any Wounded Soldier’ mail program and promote this more effective alternative, notifications are being sent to civic groups, news media outlets and community leaders.
“Our patients, military and civilian staff members and hospital leaders appreciate everything the general public has done to support our Soldiers,” said Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, commanding general of Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the North Atlantic Regional Medical Command. “This generosity is truly the embodiment of the American spirit.”


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