Friday, January 12, 2007


Ben Sargent is an asshat.

There is a term used in the military about last-ditch efforts to break through a defending enemy. It dates back to the US civil war. Simply, you "shove in more meat than the meat grinder can grind."
In the long run, this high-casualty-producing technique is a bad idea, as experienced troops are hard to replace, and we value our soldier's lives. Like most people who bitch about our Iraq policy, Sargent offers no proposed solution to the problem, only throws rocks from his ivory tower.

To assume that the president only sees our troops as meat--as a "cost of doing business" to achieve policy, is sick. Our sons and daughters are not meat to be ground up, our President doesn't treat them as such, and he definitely sees the cost of policy decisions--visiting the wounded at hospitals, meeting with soldiers on the ground in theater, and truly concerned with our well-being.
All of these are someting I'd wager sargent (despite his name) have never done.


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