Sunday, February 25, 2007

10 Points of Clarification

Since day one, i have maintained that:

1. I write here as a private citizen, not as a US Army Major, (read the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog.)

2. When I write here, I not only exercise my 1st Ammendment rights, but I also do so candidly, and from my own personal observations and ideas.

3. I don't speak for the Army, and I also don't speak for any other government or civilian organization. (Although I *do* speak for Valour-It, when requested, and clearly define when I do that.

4. I don't use this forum to argue current Army policy--There's a place for that, and it isn't here. My boss(es) are fully aware of this blog, and read it (although not frequently.) I inform them on my own of any posts I write which I am either particularly proud of or which they may draw flak from. I have never been told to edit, take down, or otherwise modify anything I've written.

5. On many Mi8lBlogs you will find a CentCom logo. Although asked to display it (and the link to it) I respectfully declined, because I don't want to leave the impression that my ideas and rants are in any way official policy or officially sanctioned.

6. I won't speak out against the Army, My President (whomever he may be), or back any particulay party (although I do drop dimes on the stupidity of both) because it might be construed as a military officer campaigning for (or against) a candidate--which, coincidentally, I am allowed to do, but not in uniform and learly stating that I do so on my own time, and don't represent the military.

7. I always remember that my Mom, my Wife, and my Boss read this blog. I informed my current boss about it within the first week of his assumption of command. Although I curse, I do so much less than I used to, and with less vulgarity ("R" vs. "NC-17") than I used to, unless my panties get all twisted. Then I vent.

8. Do not take this, a journal which comprises my random thoughts, mental wanderings, and rants as the totality of who I am, especially (or ecspecially, depending on your level of literacy) as I am often a MUCH different person in Uniform, with my family, and with friends. Do not assume you know the complete me, just because of what you read here. That'd be paramount to claiming to completely understand Julius Ceasar just because you read his commentaries on Gaul. There are maybe two people in this whole wide world who really know me, one married me and the other raised me, & I keep them guessing, some (most) times.

9. The thing that I think defines me best as a soldier is that I honestly can't see myself doing anything else, (except maybe an astronaut) and because of that, I know that the Army is not just my job, but my calling. I love what I do, but I also realize that I am not the best officer in the Army (top ten, maybe). I still have much to learn about my trade, and am only certain of the fact that I have just scratched the surface in my learning. I think that when I retire in 15 years (after I hit 30 years) I'll have mastered the job of platoon leader.

10. In summation: I am a private citizen and free to exercies my right to free speech. I know that my position in the military give me access that a civilian wouldn't normally have, and that also gives me a responsibility to maintain security. Iwon't violate that trust, here, there, or anywhere, ever. I don't represent the military, in any fashion, here on this blog, or anywhere I appear not in uniform, and anyone who perceives otherwiseis making absurd assyous. (That's an assumption that makes an ass out of only you.) Finally, these are my thoughts. I am entitled to them. Everthing I write is fully substantiated by my own opinion. Sarcasm doesn't always translate well in the written word, neither does inflection nor parody. If you can't tell if I am being a smart-ass, assume I am. If you can't tell if I am only kidding, assume I am. If you don't understand any of the above, stop reading this blog, and go hit yourself in head with a pickaxe (pointy end) until it either makes sense, or the paramedics show up.

11. (On a scale of 1-10, this is #11. ) Vote for me at the milbloggies. Send Money to me and Valour-IT (if you don't have lots of spare cash, then just send it to Project Valour-IT.) Someone offer FbL (from over at Matt's Place) a full-time job at a decent wage. She'd be an asset to your company. I may be on the Alan Clomes show on Monday, 26 FEB 07 @ 2300ish and doing a Q&A.


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