Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Waiting in Washington

Well, as anyone who's turned on a television knows, "wicked winter weather" has socked it to the Capitol region.
The net effect of the ice and snow has been to inconvenience me. In what amounted to a storm that wouldn't have kept me from conducting PT outside, the whole of D.C. shut down because these folks can't drive. Fort Meade shut down to all but the most essential personnel (hello? since when is Chuck not listed as "most essential?") my surgery is postponed until Friday. This means the kids get to stay with the boss & boss's family a while longer (till Saturday) and me and the Mrs. get to stay at the Courtyard Marriott in Annapolis Junction. (Have I mentioned how awesome my boss is? He (and his lovely Mrs., and their offspring, are supremely wonderful--and great friends.)
We're going to visit some friends tomorrow night, and will probably catch a flick tonight, but other than that, we'll be pretty bored around these parts.
The funny thing is, back home got at least 3x the snow and ice, and will likely handle it much better.


I'll have an update on my 3 kings tomorrow, as well.


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