Saturday, March 03, 2007

Field Expedient(cy)

I think SecArmy is jumping ship before the changeover in 08, as this'll give him an 18-month separation, and he'll still have some political wiggle room.

Why dodn'y he resign over the AbuGharib incident? Or the under-armored vehicles incident? Or the under-armored soldiers incident? No, this just seems too convenient to me--the timing is just too perfect for him.

Wramc's problems (as far as I know) go back at least to LTG Kiley. He's just as, if not more, culpable than the MG in charge of WRAMC now (who is either stupid--for not knowing what was going on after 8 months in command; or he is an asshat, because he knew and did nothing to end it. LTG Kiley, on the other hand, knew, has known, and has actively covered it up.

Personally, I think he (LTG Kiley) should not be punished--indeed, he should be made personal physician to the Speaker of the House.

I can't point to the article, I read it last night on fox's website, and can't find it now, but it identified a United States Congressman, and His wife, who said they stopped visiting WRAMC because they saw what the soldiers were going through, and even after taking the issues to the CG (who, at the time was then MG Kiley) they couldn't get anything changed, and it pained them too much to see the soldiers treated that way. I wish I could remember this fucktard's name, I know he was a republican from florida.

A US congressman couldn't get any action taken when we had a republican controlled majority? WTF? This spineless jackass decided it was too hard on him to visit because he was too impotent to help. I'll bet that got a lot of shit fixed. Someone please find out who this pussy is so I can throw rocks at him. Find Me the Article!

***Update*** Here it is.

Some highlights:

"I am sick of the way my parents spend all of their free time going from vets hospital to military hospital and back again, helping and personally financing wounded veterans to the exclusion of everything else," Rob wrote.

Rob, there's this thing called selfless service. I'm sure the idea is foreign to you. I'd bet a paycheck that there's a hellofa lot of veterans who're sick of missing multiple family events and special occasions because they're deployed, or worse--in the hospital. Personaly, I'm pretty damned sick of being in pain all the time; I have friends who're pretty damned sick of being in wheelchairs, or blind, or not having arms to hold their children. You're 30 years old. Get over yourself. Mummy and Daddy lead their own lives, maybe it's time to take thie titty out ouf your mouth and grow up.

And the bit I was talking about: "Young stopped visiting the wounded in 2004 at Walter Reed because he was frustrated with the response to his complaints about poor medical care."

Upon consideration, I forgive your Parents for giving up on WRAMC. Far better men have tried to fix that place, and run into many obstacles. They had to move on to where they could be effective. And after all, they also have to wet-nurse you, Shitheel.

The SECARMY is saying he resigned because hopefully, by falling on his sword, the bloodletting and firing would stop and "the healing" can begin. Horse. Shit. He needed to go, because he didn't fire these clowns earlier. The medhold 1SG was canned, and the Med Holdover CO and 1SG were cashiered as well. No CSMs in that bloodletting, although they are supposed to be the ones who focus on caring for the soldier.

WRAMC is closing ranks, shunning the outside world, firing generals--by the way, they retire with full bennies, they don't just get fired. I don't befront them their retirement, 20+ years of mediocre to poor service is still 20+ years more service than 995/1000 Americans make. I say bust them all back to PV1, and let them serve a couple tours in harms way, andwhen they find themselves struggling to recover in building 18 after losing various bits and pieces, that's justice.


Kiley, who as surgeon general oversees all medical care, will temporarily serve as the Walter Reed commander.

Great. Returning to the scene of the crime, eh?

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