Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Patriots needed.

For those of you who have not heard, Hanoi Jane Fonda (Commie Traitor Bitch), Cindy Sheehan (Crazy Commie AttentionWhore, who used her dead son to gather attention for herself) and the anti-war (but still support the troops--unm, yeah...) crowd have permits to be in three seperate locations surrounding the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this weekend (Like the vietminh aroung Dien Bien Phu, or charlie cong around Hal Moore in the Ia Drang). According to their websites they are expecting 20,000 to 30,000 faggots hippies commies protesters to attend. To make matters worse, some of the faggots hippies commies anti-war crowd intend to attempt to deface the veterans memorials in Washington.
Hard to believe they would do that? Three weeks ago they broke through police lines at the Capitol Building in Washington (way to go, boys in blue, they give you guns and tasers for a reason) and spray painted anti-war graffiti on the steps and walls of the Capitol (Jon Carry attempted to stop it, but ended up tossing medals all over the place and busting out the che' guevera t-shirt.) . What's worse was that one of our wounded troops from Walter Reed hospital was there, on crutches, because he'd recently lost a leg in Iraq and he was spit on. (Hello? Police? They give you guns for a reason! A faggot spitting biohazardous materials (body fluids) onto a recently wounded soldier (wounds=comprimised immune system) is easily justifiable as attempted murder, or at least assault and battery. (What, don't they give the capitol police nightsticks?)

The anti-war crowd has been defacing veterans memorials around the country. The Medal of Honor Memorial in Indianapolis was almost completely destroyed. We are attempting to get veterans and other patriotic Americans who want to show support for our troops and to help protect our memorials to rally in Washington, DC on Saturday morning, March 17th. This is the 40th anniversy of a huge faggot hippie commieanti-war rally, led by (Commie Traitor Bitch)Jane Fonda to the Pentagon during the Vietnam War. Apparently she still hasn't learned her lesson. Anyway, we are going to need all the help we can get in order to protect our memorials and are urging everyone to try to attend. I want everyone to be aware that this is a very seriuos matter and there is a potential for this to become a very violent event. (I can only hope!) From what I understand there will be individuals there that are paid to attend events like this to try and cause trouble. I can promise you that there are veterans and present day military coming in with plans to defend these memorials regardless of the cost. Please try to attend, help spread the word but if you do attend be very careful and aware of who and what is going on around you. Anyone wanting more information can go to .

I had originally planned on being there, with pepperspray, pocket knife, .40 cal, and a small unregistered friend to drop off if need be, and thoroughly gooned on meds, (for legal purposes, natch) but instead I have something only slightly (okay, greatly) more important to attend to--my daughter's 4th birthday party. We had to postpone the party from the actual birthdate because I was playing Army, and I am hell bent on not missing any of these events in my kids lives if it isn't duty-related.

So go, Eagles, gather for me. Gather for those who wear the funny green-grey suits and brown boots who can't be there. Show the peace-marchers what peaceful means, and (*the following is NOT the policy of agatheringofeagles) if they want a fight, show them what it means to be a warrior. Stomp heads--but since they're on the ground, stomp throats. Bring battery powered clippers, hold them down and cut hair. Pull out body piercings. Cut off their clothes. Bring bags of dog shit to throw at them. I happen to have a dog-shit-making-machine in my house, stop by for a fill-up. If in the course of an attack they call you a baby killer, smile and say that babies are more fun to torture than they are to kill. Or that babies taste great with lemon and butter. Best case, assist them in performing buddhist-monk style protests--set them on fire. If they don't wanna protest anymore after that, stomp them out while wearing golf shoes/track cleats. Remember, peace has never solved anything, and a little war may help the peacenix population dwindle--because the only ones willing to protest would be the true believers--population: about 30--and the crazies. Killing off either (or both) populations will only make our society stronger.

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