Friday, April 27, 2007

Cheap Shot friday.

No, wait, that title is trite and over used. Mr. Michaels lives n a dream world, and proposes that we reign in the military, immediately reinstate universal conscription, because it is the great democratizer--you know, you are free, but you HAVE to serve...)

[Note: I don't espouse universal conscription, for the record. I believe that 1. People should be raised to WANT to serve their country, and 2. The benefits of a society should be primarily available to those who've served that society in some capacity.]

He likens having a expeditionary, offensive force thus: "A professional military in my opinion is like having a loaded gun in the house; The temptation and access and it's very existence make it more likely to be used."

I have three hammers in the garage, and a big box of nails. I don't walk around looking for things that need nailed down. I have them in case I to need nail something down.

Even better, "America let the nuclear cat out of the bag at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and now any fool with enough money can purchase the fixins..." Uh, we dropped the bomb, the only proliferation we did that day was in the form of alpha- beta- and gamma particles. Proliferation through the world started with the ruskies, then chin, then the Norte Koreans, tthe injuns (7-11 injuns, not casino injuns) and pakis got the bomb, and the russokorpakinju diamond of death proliferated them to every Uday, Mustafa, and Abu with mad cash to and a cartful of ideology to rail against the west. (Good thing Jim Jones was 20 years too early, otherwise think of the global impact of a glowing Guyana! The Horror!)

His two main points are 90 degrees from each other: 1. Our military needs to remain at home and defend the homeland. 2. The chinese are goingto take over the world, one wal-mart and superbuffet at a time.

I am 100% that staying within our borders (even if we were entirely resource and energy self-sufficient) would only hasten the yellow (or is it Yalu?) hordes' certain occupation of the world. But even after they conquer everything and everyone else, we'd be okay, because johnny pillowbiter and Janie pothead would be happily biding their conscript time doing as little as possible, if they weren't setting bonfires with their draft cards. Conscripted service killed the russian military, Isolationism cost us a longer and bloodier war in BOTH world wars, and even the Romans knew that an Army afield beat one at home, any day.

Fisking the KOSby kidz isn't even sporting--it's like throwing snowballs at baby harp seals--they get mad and you eventually get bored.


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