Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Soldiers need help

Calling All Angels,
Calling All Angels,
We need your help right away!
Bonnie ask me to inform you of a very large group of soldiers in a remote area that need hygiene items and snacks right away!
The conditions are less then sub-standard.
This is a new camp being built from scratch, so their only access to dining and shower facilities is limited to ONE.
With over 300 women and 500 men you can just imagine! Please help them!
Some items that are needed:
Drinks : juices, water, power drinks, any type of fluids
Hygiene: toweletts for washing, body wash, feminine products, anything good smelling!
Snacks: cookies, trail mixes, jerky, hard candy, anything that will help take away the thirst.
Anything you would like to send will be greatly appreciated!!!
Please email me for their address and the items you can help with at saalertteamrobin@gmail.com, subject: 1st Lt. Lavone.
Lets show them there are Angels watching out for them!
SA Alert Team

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