Sunday, May 27, 2007

Blegging to go

Update III
You are all so very generous. A very generous benefactor (Thanks MJ) put me way over the top today--come to think of it, You all put me over the top--not that I wasn't over the top to begin with--but I'm digressing. Looks like I'm going to Vegas.
Now where did I put that speedo...

*Update II*

I am 1/2 way to Vega$. Thanks to all who have donated, please poke your neighbors (and friends) for me. If I don't raise the funds needed, I'm just going to donate it all to soldier's angels.


*Update* I will leave this post at the top, look below for more posts.

Folks, here's the dilly-o

At the MilBlog Conference, I asked the Mrs. (Jokingly) if I could go to the Blog Expo in Las Vegas this November. Much to my surprise, she not only blessed off on it and signed the dispatch, she also seemed pretty cool with the idea of me and Matty O'Blackfive tearing up the strip attending the convention and pimping our blogs trying to garner much much more awareness and support for Soldier's Angels and Valour-IT. I want to go there with a stack of bidness cards, a thumb drive with the "Donate here" logos and scripts, and a smile (and maybe a speedo.)

Of course there'll be the icky pics to show, if anyone asks, and I'm always happy to show scars and boo boos and tell my story (at length) to anyone who'll listen. But I think we in the MILBlogging community are a growing but small pool. There's thousands of blogs out there, reaching thousands of people. Why not let them in on the opportunity to help SA and Valour-IT this fall (hmmm... isn't this right around the time we do the valour-IT competition...?)

Seriously folks, I want to go, share my story, and spread the news. No more "I wish I knew how to help." I'm setting my goal at 250 new blog supporters, but I gotta get there first. That's where ya'll come in.

See the button at the top left that says "Make a donation?" You got it. Click on it and make Chuck happy. (After all, what greater gift can anyone give but to make Chuck happy?)

And No, Patti, I won't accept any donations from soldiers angels to pimp soldiers angels. :)


P.S. If anyone knows how to pretty up what I just said, or better yet the donate button, please let me know.

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