Thursday, May 10, 2007

It is my Density!

Based on your answers, your profile matches...

George S. Patton!

George S. Patton

Leadership Attributes:

Patton was an innovative commander from the start. He learned how to use the tank – a new weapon – from the French and British during World War I. He considered it the weapon of the future before others appreciated its potential. He liked to lead from the front, and he first distinguished himself on the battlefield by leading a tank brigade in WWI. He was more of a warrior than diplomat. In an infamous incident that almost cost him his career, he verbally abused two sick soldiers, even slapping one. After the German surrender, he argued for political taboos: a combined Allied-German campaign against the Soviet Union and using ex-Nazi intelligence personnel. Personally, he was known for racy language and flamboyance.

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