Thursday, May 24, 2007

Let the bodies hit the floor.

We’re working with the band Drowning Pool and have just received a letter written by the band directing the attention of the American people toward the care of our troops upon their return home. Please take a moment to read it and if you feel compelled by the same cause as they do, please pass it on to your audience. It’s time that we stand together on this issue and prevent neglect for the voices of those that risk their lives for our freedom to go unheard. It doesn’t matter if you are a democrat, republican, or independent – this is an issue that deserves to be in the forefront of the American conscious. The following link will take you to their petition for Congress: ( DrowningPool2007/). If you have any further questions or requests for Drowning Pool, please feel free to contact me and I can assist you with your needs.
Please Contact.

--This seems on the up and up, I signed the simply worded petition. I also used to listen to drowning pool quite a bit in theater. It was part of my "Iraqi House Party--music to raid by." playlist. --Chuck

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