Thursday, May 17, 2007

Road Rage 2007

Here's my next adventure:

My orders for duty at Fort Lewis, Washington have changed. I'll now be spending from the 17th of June to the 17th of August (give or take a few days) there, instead of just over five weeks.

Because I'd really HATE to spend two months without a car, and I will have a weekend here and there, I decided to make the trip by car, instead of airplane (that is, unless someone in the seattle/tacoma/fort lewis area wants to loan me a car for the summer.)

I am planning 0n a five-six day trek each way, and was wondering if there was anyone along the way who would enjoy some company for supper and has a spare couch. If you mapquest indiana, PA to Fort Lewis, WA you'll see my route. Basically, my US tour tentatively includes Madison, WI (Matt, grab Jimbo and Grim and we'll do a freefly), Sioux Falls and Keystone (Mt. Rushmore--where my mug will someday be), Billings, MT (Becca, I'll be more than happy to see my nephews); Coeur D'alene, ID (where the hell is that? It's as close to 1/2 way between billings and Tacoma as I could find!).

Aside from Madison and Billings, all locales are like I said, tentative. I am not currently tied to any single stop, I'm planning on seven days, (nothing like padding a timeline by plus 24 hours.) I will stop when I am tired, nap, and keep driving, and if weather permits, tent/camp/fartsack. Shower at truck stops, eat when and where I want, and enjoy the scenery. Should be fun.


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