Thursday, May 24, 2007

Road Rage 2K7, part two

Good news for all concerned,

If I don't get a chance to see you in June on my trip to Fort Lewis, The Mrs will be joining me for my return trip begining on or about the 14th of August!

I just bought her plane ticket (Cheaptickets coast-to-coast for $200) and we've ordered some shipping crates for the kids and dog to stay in while we gallavant eastward. (Okay, before all you "children's advocate" types start sending CWS assault teams to my house, the yard apes are going to their Gradmama's and Aunt's house (and so is the dog) for the duration of the trip, and My mom's bringing them back up here when we return.)

So, if I miss you in June, me and the Missus will see you in August.

Also, if you see a green honda ridgeline stopped on I-90 eastbound in mid-august, and there's two sets of feet on the dashboard, (pointing in opposite directions), just keep on driving.



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