Thursday, May 17, 2007



I am now an adorable little rodent in the TTLB ecosystem.

I was a marauding marsupial. Now, I am a rodent. That is going down, which means fewer people are reading these pearls of wisdom, and even fewer are linking to them.

The word of the Chuck can only be sent to the teeming millions with the support of Ya'll.

Please, pick your favorite current or even past post, and if you blog, link to it and send some folks here. If you don't blog, then please email a link (right click on the "permalink" at the bottom of the post, and select "copy link" or "copy link location" and then email it out to your friends, neighbors, employees, students, or groupies. Hell, send it to people who you know whould HATE it, I've not publicly fisked anyone in a long time.

Honestly, I'll keep writing and screaming into the void whether ya'll read it or not, but it's really nice to know that the void has ears...


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