Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The geatest generation's longest day

The boy has a 1/2 day at school today, his last day of school. I'm sure he knows the feeling of this longest day.

I am at work, with "The Longest Day" playing on the boob tube.

Later, IF the weather holds, he and I are going fishing.

Thanks to the incredible sacrifices of so many, over 60 years ago, we are doing so in a much better world. Spending this time with the boy is, I think, the best way to honor their sacrifice.

How are you going to denote this day?

How do you think today's media and politicians would react to a day of fighting like that one?

The answer to th last question actually makes me ashamed of what became of the America that those men fought and died for. Both sides of the isle should be very ashamed, and the members of the fourth estate, (or fifth column, whichever you prefer)

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