Saturday, June 16, 2007

Please pray for my brother... Update 3 - Great News!

This is Carren, calling on all of you amazing people to PLEASE keep my brother in your prayers. I won't go into detail, as the situation is too much to explain and I don't want to exploit his personal life. He is in the ICU in critical but stable condition in TN. He has pneumonia and a high fever and is on a bunch of antibiotics. His girldfriend is with him and my parents are headed in that direction as soon as they can get there. I can't go since Chuck is at Ft. Lewis and I need to be here with my kids. My mind is swimming and I feel almost like I am reliving what I went through with Chuck two years ago, although it is a bit different (it'll be exactly two years on the 21st!).

My brother's name is David. I'll keep you all posted on his recovery when I can.

BTW, Chuck made it safely to Ft. Lewis this afternoon. I'm sure he'll be posting his adventures soon!

Thank you all for your continued support

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