Monday, July 02, 2007


Just thought I'd post real quick and let y'all know Chuck and I are still alive. We've barely talked to each other the last two weeks, but we had a "wonderful" 4 minute chat yesterday while I was driving home from KY w/ my kiddos. We made a trip to see (most) of my family. Chuck is supposed to have the next few days "off," and I am sure he has all kinds of crap to write about. But, I wouldn't really know b/c we don't talk much these days. No, that's not saying we don't WANT to - our little tidbits of time seem to lead us to each other's voicemail... gotta love one-sided conversations with a phone!!!

Anyway... didn't want anyone to worry about us since neither of us has posted in a while. Hope y'all are enjoying your summer!!!

God Bless!

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