Saturday, July 14, 2007

Still here...

Well, Chuck should be out of the field some time tomorrow - but he'll sleep 18+ hours before I hear from him, I'm sure. I have been frying my brain on a daily basis with a research paper due in a week and 4 days a week at my internship (I could use my own therapy, I swear!). The kids are good - bouncing off walls and driving me nuts, as usual. But, as the kids say, "We're just trying to have fun, Mom!" I HATE it when they say that (b/c they are usually doing something they shouldn't or that is potentially dangerous. Then I come and ruin the "fun." I just tell them that's part of what Mommy's are supposed to do)!

As far as Chuck's cold is concerned (read previous post)... why are men such babies when they get a cold?!?!? I think I have posted about this before. It must be in the "Y" chromosome.

God Bless!
The Mrs.

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