Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tactical Tailor: The adventure continues

First things first: I suck so bad with names. I went back to the Tactical Tailor today, and found out that I got the names of the guys all wrong. First off, Dave and Jerry helped modify the glove.

Second, since I still favor the left paw, I ended up tearing the right palm clean off the right glove. (Which, since ya'll gave them so many wonderful calls, letters, and emails, had them in such good spirits that they replaced that glove, too.)

Third, Andy, another guy who works at TT, took me to the factory for a tour... a-mazing. If there are any soldiers/maurines, or other assorted warrior-class types needin' gear, TT is the place to get it. They can make it in the right camo pattern, the right material, and prolly already have it made and on the shelf.

Andy took me to meet GW, a fellow Cavalryman who gave me the nickel tour of the warehouse and factory floor, and prettymuch wowed me with everything he showed me.

Oh, and I got to meet Logan Coffey, the guy who started what is now a huge business from his room in the barracks. He even told me "everything I needed to know about managing a good business I learned in PLDC." (For the uninitiated, PLDC is the Primary Leadership Development Course, where the Army sends soon-to-be or newly-minted sergeants to refine their leadership abilities.)

Anyway, they were thrilled with your response on my behalf.

Please send the original post round the blogosphere, along with this one, and see who else'll post it. Also, Carren, please see how much it would cost to ship the Tactical Tailor team a case of Yuengling Lager--apparently Logan has a taste for it and

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