Saturday, August 18, 2007

Carren is pissed and needs to vent!

No, I'm not pissed at Chuck. He's asleep and I don't want to wake him up to vent... you'll read why in a minute.

We are currently in Rapid City, SD. Planning to see Mt. Rushmore tomorrow. Today we walked the trail around the base of Devil's Tower - VERY cool! It's so awesome and freakin' huge!

No about why I'm pissed. So I'm in the hotel lobby waiting for the elevator and as the doors open to the elevator I almost get run over by a man in a wheelchair. I wasn't paying much attention b/c I was reading brochures about places to visit. There were about 20 people waiting for the one working elevator. I let the man in the wheelchair get on the elevator and was patiently waiting for it to come back down (the elevator can only hold a whopping 9 people and the wait line was getting longer).

A lady next to me says, "That guy in the wheelchair almost ran you over!" I said, "Yeah. He startled me when he bumped in to me. No big deal, I'd let a person in a wheelchair go in front of me anyway." Then the pissin' match begins. A man in front of me (NOT in a wheelchair) turns around and says,

Asshat: "You cut in front of him." Then he turns back around.

Me: "What?"

Asshat: "You cut in front of him. He was here before you and you just jumped in front of him."

Me: "No I didn't. There are a million people waiting out here and I didn't see him until he ran into me."

Asshat: "You must not be very observant then."

Me: (Blood beginning to boil) "What is your problem?!!!"

Asshat: "It was rude for you to cut in front of a handicapped person in a wheelchair."

Me: "I said I didn't see him there. And it just so happens my husband is handicapped from being wounded in Iraq. Trust me, I have respect for people in wheelchairs." (I know Chuck isn't in a wheelchair, but he is handicapped in some sense of the word and two years ago he was in a wheelchair...)

Asshat: "You have no idea..."

Me: "No, YOU have no idea!"

Then Asshat steps back from the elevator and moves to the side of the group who was waiting. I was shaking with anger and fighting back tears. I was also fighting back the urge to rip this asshat's head off. I got on the elevator and the people on there with me were commenting on what an Asshat this guy was and that I shouldn't let him ruin my vacation. Trust me, this man is not worth it - and I get to vent about it here on the blog, which helps.

Thanks for "listening." I'm glad Chuck wasn't with me when that happened. I'd probably be bailing him out of jail right now! :)

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