Thursday, August 16, 2007

Posting on the move

This is too cool. I am on teh intarweb while the Mrs. drives, thanks to verizon's cellular modem. Way too expensive for the $70 a month service with 2-year contract, but there's no big deal if you factor in the cost of early cancellation when you get the damn thing.

We are still en route to yellerstone, where I plan to brew a pot of coffee from the coolest source of dihydrogen oxide I can find (digging into a glacier to a pre-1800's depth makes the best java, especially when you use freshly ground beans and a coffee press.)

We planned on staying at a hotel in couer d'alene, Idaho, but apparently there's no room at any inn. So we will continue to trade sleeping/driving duties until we can't go further or we find a place to stay.

Sadly, about 80 miles west of Spokane I hit a dog who was busily sniffing at god knows what on the road. 40 pound dog vs. Honda ridgeline @ 65 mph (hey, I did slow down from 90) The dog lost. I couldn't swerve without risking an accident, and dumbass stray mutt ran toward the truck. I stopped and went back to check the dog, he was unconscious and barely breathing, so I put him down with my sidearm. (Yet another good reason to travel well-heeled.)

Carren and I had a quiet moment, as we are both dog lovers, and I really haven't killed anything except mosquitoes and houseflies since I came home from the sandbox. (And fish, but invertebrates don't count, especially when you are trying to kill them :))

We drove in silence for a while, then left our thoughts on the dog behind and continued to drive.

So we continue wagons east on our trek. We stopped at the space needle today and had lunch with Barb, then stopped later at the Columbia river gorge. Pictures are forthcoming.

For now, here's some whirlybird pr0n for all you rotor-heads. It's a CH-47 Chinook; we flew every regiment of cadets on them for an air-assault/raid mission. Enjoy.

As for me, I still carry too much shit.


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