Wednesday, August 15, 2007

RR2K7, the adventure continues


I realize ya'll haven't had a TCOverride fix for nearly a month. Suffice to say, the country of Palomas is now safe from the insurgent hordes of the Cauquetans, thanks to yours truly and the efforts of far better men than myself training the nation's next newest batch of warrior/leaders. With any luck, we unscrewed their heads and removed a large portion of civilian dumb-ass and instilled in them the warrior ethos and army values, with a helping of tactical self-actualization which may keep them and their soldiers from getting their asses splattered all over a bridge in some third-world country.

Carren arrived safe and sound the day before yesterday, and we spent some time doing what married people do after not seeing each other for a few months (mostly bickering, albeit playfully) and well, the rest really isn't any of your business, but I expect it may take a few days to uncurl my toes. We also managed to spend some time sightseeing outside of our room . We stayed (not necessarily slept) at the Fairmont Olympic hotel {Holy $$$$ Batman} but they gave us a 2x room upgrade to a suite at the gummint rate... and a "Thank you for serving." If you've got the dinero, I HIGHLY recommend the stay.

Now we are in a coffee shop getting our caffeine fix and waiting to see if Barb W. will call us (I left a message on your voice mail, sweetie) and planning our return trip. Yellowstone, Devil's tower, and points east, I haven't figured that one out yet. Of course, we shall stop for a visit to the Mall of The Americas, and there's little beyond another terrorist attack of 9/11 magnitude that will keep us from visiting Sandi and Richard. I will post a location daily for a blog meet and greet en route, with a general time (lunch, dinner, etc.) along the way, so check back here often. I will also be writing up the many adventures of Major Z and the kids (cadets--often young enough to BE my kids) along the way, complete with pictures and a few videos. I may not give much heads up time, so if you've got an atom feed or xml feed, check the right sidebar for the feed link to update you when I do post. Carren will post too (If I have to threaten not to pull over and let her pee until she does so, well, then that's what I'll do.)

For now, it is 1217 PM pacific time, we are in seattle and will be at the space needle from 1300-1400 for lunch, then we're going to make like a fetus and head out. Call me at 613-835-7154 (subtract one from each # to get the actual phone # that should keep the phone spam to a minimum), if you wanna link up. For instance, 613 is really 502,

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