Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Batten down the hatches, 11 september is coming

Germany arrests 3 in alleged plot on U.S. sites

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany said on Wednesday it had foiled a plan by Islamist militants to carry out "massive bomb attacks" against U.S. installations and arrested the three men behind it.
Looks like some krauts and turks don't like us. This group was planning to attack US bases, places where soldiers hang out, and airports. They had enough explosives to detonate a 550 kg bomb.

Any bets on whether this will encourage the German people to a) want to deport more turks, or b) Demand we close more US bases, as we apparently attract terrorists who could injure German citizens by mistake.

The Swiss, however, are taking a different approach to handling devious immigrants. (hat tip: Kim) If your immigrant kid breaks the law, the Swiss gummint deports the whole damn family. I love the idea, and think it'd be great to implement here. Except for the lamentations of the raving moonbat party, who would immediately scream "racism" because we'd be deporting more Mexicans, Cubans, Carribean Islanders, Arabs and Asians than we would other populations (think "Whitey.")

Sadly, the fact of the matter is that crime rates among our English/French/Dutch/Anglo-Saxon immigrants (and of course, we mean the legal kind) are itty-bitty, compared to the other populations. Of course, the honkey immigration numbers are drastically smaller, too, but even relative to the population the crime rates are minuscule.

I think this policy would work here, especially if we included being here illegally as a crime worthy of family deportation. That'd be sure to help us clear the safe-house/underground railroad of the "si se puede" crowd.

I am assuming of course, that if this were made law, that we'd enforce t. Since we generally don't do that with our immigration policies, it's probably just a waste of time.

The bigger issue, (since many on the left seem to have forgotten) is that there are still people out there who want us dead. Why is it so hard for them to believe that al-queda exists in Iraq (or did prior to the invasion) when it so clearly exists in Europe, the South Pacific, Indonesia, Micronesia, Australia, AMERICA, and a host of other middle-eastern nations. Training camps in Pakistan? I thought they were our "allies" (of course they are, it suits them for when they'll ask for help with the Kashmir.) Why would al-Queda have any presence in a country where they speak the language, can blend in with the locals, have a gummint presence that also hates America, and allows them vast resources for planning and staging attacks? Why is that so hard to understand?

People are still out there trying to kill us. The price of peace is eternal vigilance. Don't expect other people to do something, be aware, report anything that makes you suspicious, and above all, ACT before you are made to react. And carry a very big stick. (Prefferably one whose caliber starts with a ".4"

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