Friday, September 07, 2007

Creativity is a requisite for a new position

I am speaking of course, about this.

I think it appropriate in our country that we have laws against torturing suspects to get confessions, and against cruel and unusual punishment for those we convict.

However, we also face a number of crimes and criminals which merit further consideration on the latter point of exactly what defines "cruel and unusual." Walter Smith Jr., makes a great case in point. This cocksucker (I'm a bit miffed) beats, stabs and then rapes his sister, and finally kills her. Not content with simply aggravated assault, homicide and incest, he then beats his two-year-old niece in the head with a sledgehammer because she was crying.

He confessed to th crime, but that doesn't stop his mommy from continuing to try and enable him:

"He don't remember nothing he did," she said. "He was out of it or something like that. It was an accident. He don't remember that stuff."

Mary Smith said her son had no history of violence, but said he was on medication for depression.
Mom, get with it--he confessed. If "He was out of it or something like that" and "He don't remember doing it" are good enough excuses in your house for rape, murder, and aggravated assault on a woman and a child, then just what do you recommend? Counseling? Maybe grounding him for the weekend? No TV or trips to Wal-Mart?

Obviously, the problem runs deeper than just her meatstick son. I think maybe Mom is in no small part to blame for his actions, because she has done such a poor job of raising him and setting limits and boundaries (like "don't beat, stab, or put your dick in your sister" and "don't hit toddlers with hammers".) Mom is culpable for creating this monster. Tie her to a pole at planned parenthood and cut her ears off, because she never listened to parenting advice. Cut her tongue out, because she never disciplined her child. Gouge out her eyes, because she never saw that he'd become a shitstain on the bedsheets of society and had him institutionalized before this happened. Cut off her hands for never spanking him. Finally, after all the other wounds have healed (this process should take a few weeks, use the cut-cauterize method) cut off her breasts for suckling this bastard monster. Don't cauterize these wounds, let her bleed out.

As for him, "cruel and unusual" has a wide meaning. As he is familiar with beating others, he shall be beaten daily for twenty four days--one day for each year of his sister's life, and one day for each year of his niece's. Then he will be stabbed--twenty four times--by a trained "punisher" who can stab to inflict the greatest pain, but not kill. Following the stabbings, he shall be beaten with hammers--again, not to kill, but to injure. He shall be raped throughout his punishment, repeatedly by any other prisoner who wants him. He will be a human toilet for all the other refuse in the prison system.

Then, after the seventy-two days of this treatment, he shall face the same fate as his mother, except instead of planned parenthood, he will be tied up outside of the local domestic abuse shelter. Instead of his breasts being cut off, he'll be tied spread-eagle (but standing) and his genitals placed over a candle (or maybe a road flare) until they are completely and thoroughly burned. He will then be completely submerged in a pool of excrement from the domestic abuse shelter, where sepsis can fill his wounds, and he will then be strung up in a crow's nest cage to die from infection and exposure.

Unusual and cruel? Certainly. But would such treatment be unusual or cruel to him? Most of the things I described (okay, not the tied to a pole/burned/dipped in shit stuff, but the hammer beating, rape, and stabbing stuff) are VERY familiar to him, because he did them to other people. This is simply "doing unto him as he did unto others". The rest of the punishment serves as societal retribution from the very groups who stand to gain the most from it--from those abused domestically, they get the satisfaction of seeing violence returned to an abuser. At planned parenthood, it helps people understand the importance of raising a child properly.

I really am dismayed at the mother's defense of her son. If this were my beloved son and heir who committed these crimes, not only would I disown him, I would ask the judge to be allowed to pull the switch/trigger/drop the cyanide pellet myself.

Our justice system needs a new position: Punisher. Not simply a prison guard, the punisher is one who metes out appropriate punishment to those who've committed violent crime. It isn't torture, as torture is meant to gain information or achieve some other goal. Punishment in this case is through pain and suffering. If you cause pain to someone else, you should suffer the same pain yourself, in the same manner. If that manner is not easily replicated, it is left up to the devices of the punisher's own creativity to exact the level of pain. If the punisher causes more pain than the convict had through his crimes, we'll underwrite his honest mistakes. One of the ritical ideas here is that now a criminal may think "Wow, I'm not just going to the gas chamber for this, I'm going to be skinned alive slowly and left in the sun for the ants and flies to eat while I slowly die" before he does whatever he is planning. Compared to a gas chamber, that is a MUCH more deterring thought. Also, they may not suffer the pain the exact same way, so they would have to consider the unknown, and not be able to prepare themselves for it or to otherwise "work the system."

As for trying children as adults, their parents should also stand trail with them and face the same punishment meted out to their child. Including runaway moms or dads. If you abandon a child you fathered, and the kid turns out rotten, it's likely your absence contributed to it, so you get to suffer too. Bet we'd see a skyrocket in condom sales, abortions (and more abortions=less youth-crimes, as there's less unwanted children and youths to commit the crimes) and perhaps even overall social responsibility.

But I suppose it'll have to wait until I am elected Emperor.

Wait--I see he was taking medicine for depression. Never mind. Apparently that excuses him. I too, take depression medicine. Pardon me, I have to go to the hardware store and prepare to visit some relatives.


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