Friday, September 21, 2007

If it's dangerous enough to get shot...

isn't it dangerous enough to be "allowed" to carry a gun?

A couple of kids get shot at U of Delaware.

Here at my campus, this year marks the first full school year that the police carry guns. It its entire history, the campus police have never carried guns, but now they are deemed necessary for them to perform their jobs.

The United States Supreme court has ruled that you cannot sue the police if a crime is committed against you; although their job is to "protect and serve," they logically cannot be everywhere, and it is the duty and right of the individual to defend themselves.


Except--here on campus, carrying guns is quite frowned upon. Carrying open--not making any attempt to hide the weapon--often draws at least strange looks and at most harassment from the campus police and the faculty. (Even though open carry in PA is completely legal). Carrying concealed is also legal, provided you have a license. (I do.)

Students, however, are forbidden from carrying weapons on campus. They cannot have them in their dorms (although rapes in dormitories do happen, albeit infrequently). They cannot carry in class, or in their travels across campus.

So, against a gun-toting maniac, all they can do is hope they don't run into one, and if they do, hope he either a) misses his shots or b) wounds them.

In our risk-averse academic ivory tower, we've actually made our surroundings LESS safe by being More restrictive.

As for me, maybe I'm carrying, and maybe I'm not. I'd not recomment trying to find out.


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