Monday, September 17, 2007


Sometimes our kids say things that just throw me for a loop. I often wonder, "Was I that creative with questions when I was a kid?"

I also wonder how much our kids listen to us... to the things that matter, at least (I know they hear the "bad words" b/c they'll make sure we know when we say one. Yeah, we got it... we know we said a bad word, thanks).

So here's the little story about Creighton that just made me laugh out loud and burst with pride that he actually IS listening to me (sometimes, at least).

At Creighton's "Back to School" night 2 weeks ago I met his teacher (he's in 2nd grade now). She is very nice and had lots of nice compliments about Creighton. That made me feel good already. Then she tells me what he had done the day before:

Apparently one of the girls in Creighton's class was being teased by some of the other kids. He was telling this girl, "Just walk away. Tell them you don't like what they are saying and it hurts your feelings. And walk away. If they don't stop teasing, tell an adult what is going on."

I was so proud of him!!! And his teacher ventures to tell me that she told Creighton he is a great friend to have and that he is telling her the right things to do. Then, according to his teacher, Creighton says:

"I know what to say. My mom's a therapist!!!"

I ALMOST DIED LAUGHING!!!!!! I didn't even know he knew the word "therapist!" Can you believe that??? I can't get many of my adult clients to listen to what I say, let alone my 7 year old son! I'm so proud of him! (BTW, I finish my master's in Dec. and have been offered a job where I am currently doing my internship!)

Just had to share that story... it's priceless! Plus, I got to steal the laptop from Chuck b/c he is, once again, fighting a cold and has been passed out on the recliner since he got home from work. Awwww... poor baby!

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