Monday, September 24, 2007

A new toy

It's gun buying time again. I like to buy 1-2 guns a year, depending on how much I can get away with, and as The Mrs. is sickly, I can tell her she said it was okay and blame a fever for her not remembering. Oops. If she reads this she'll know my devious plot. Damn.

Regardless, it's time to buy a(nother) pistol.

I've already got a Glock .40S&W (no comments regarding your dislike of said pistol, it has a wonderful story behind it, and it is RELIABLE, if not pretty).

I also have a .38 snub (for the Mrs./carry when not wanting to be too obtrusive)

That completes the current pistol inventory.

I have not decided yet, but I am looking towards either a .45 or a 9mm. I don't particulary enjoy the europellet (9mm) but I do enjoy the cost of the ammo for it. I DON'T want to buy an off-brand pistol, but I also don't want to pay through the nose for a name.

As far as the .45 goes, I definitely want a 1911 model .45.

Feel free to discuss the relative merits of either, and what you'd choose and why. If anyone has a gun they want to sell, or knows someone looking to sell, well, you can email me or post a notice here.


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