Thursday, September 20, 2007


FlagGazer sends:

You may all remember the brilliant essay HOPE RIDES ALONE by Sgt Eddie Jeffers, written in response to William Arkin's slanders against the troops in February. At the time, most bloggers posted it and it made our American spirits soar to know, once again, what fine people serve our country in the military.
Eddie's father contacted me [Flag Gazer] this evening to let me know that Eddie died in Iraq today. My heart is broken.
All of the information is here:

Please feel free to use the information and pass on as is appropriate. It you post a remembrance, please send me the link to forward.
If anyone would like to send a card to Eddie's family and/or his wife, let me know and I will send the address. All messages left on my blog will be forwarded to the family.

And if anyone knows William Arkin, please kick him in the nuts.


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