Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Six years. This war of wills and attrition, this war of freedom vs. fundamentalist religious oppression, has gone on for longer than my dearest daughter's life, and my son's entire cognizant life. This war is still, however, in it's infancy. This is a long, drawn-out war, with daily casualty statistics numbering in the single- or low-double digits. Not the news of the "greatest generation's" war, where thousands died on the early days of campaigns, then hundreds, then a new salient or battle would rage.

Really, the only single day that that thousands died in this war was the first day. All non-combatants, save for the terrorists holding the planes. While our congress berates our most-senior ground commander and flatly calls his statement lies because they don't reflect the political agenda of that congressman, we are still at war.

Why do we have our generals reporting to congress anyway? ISN'T THAT THE JOB OF THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF? I reviewed my pocket copy of the US Constitution today, and no where does it give congress the mandate to do this. As a commander, I would be very pissed if one of my subordinates were called to speak to the success of the plan I was responsible for enacting. More to the point, I'd have been sitting right next to him throughout the testimony, as a show of solidarity. So where were the SECDEF and the Boss?

Cut and paste this picture, and mail/fax it to your representatives if they have questions about our level of success, or even if the question the value of continuing the war.


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