Sunday, October 07, 2007

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Well, they're apparently at it again...

Last year, for some reason, I was moved around from category to category until I was put in a "Best of whatever else is left//Also Ran Losers" category. (I lost in that category, too. I must really suck.)

Winning this is really important to me. I will be sure to put the awards in my sock drawer, right next to the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Meritorious Service Medal.

But since they are preseting the awards at the blogworld expo, and since I'm going there to pimp Soldier's Angels and Valour-IT, the awards presentation would put me out in the spotlight there. So don';t think of this as me wanting to win anything. It's more of underhanded altruism.

There are a few categories, obviously...
The 2007 Weblog Awards
Best Blog
Best Individual Blogger
Best Liberal Blog-Cmon, can you imagine how pissed the kosby kids'd be over this one?
Best Conservative Blog
Best Military Blog
Funniest Blog
Best Diarist

This can only help me to secure the fame, fortune, and glory that the bloggers enjoy. The entourage, the fans, the followers. The advertising and book deals, TCOverride--the videogame (Watch out for that Bridge!) Chuck--The movie.

Nominate Early, and often, and once voting begins in the categories, vote as often as you can from as may accounts as you can.

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