Friday, November 02, 2007


Get out your checkbooks, and get out the word.

Here's some stuff up for auction:
1. 2nd Battalion, 34th armor unit coin. This is the unit coin of the Armor Battalion I went to war with.

2. A piece of shrapnel (cleaned and sanitized, for your protection) Yes, It came outta me.

3. It's famous on Woot!, so I figured I'd give it a shot: A Bag of random Crap!
Seriously, I won't tell you what's in it, but I also won't mail you my lunch, or just random trash. You may be disappointed, but remember, Its for a worthy cause. Then again, I may put something awesome in the bag... you never know.

4. A Devil Brigade--1st Brigade, 1st Infantry division mug--proudly stolen from the brigade conference room at Fort Riley, Kansas.

5. A Ghurka Kuri--Made by Cold Steel, this knife/machete/mega owie maker is sure to delight your 4-year old niece. Suitable for killing lions, tigers and bears, chopping through saplings in a single swipe, or even threatening the Jehovah's witnesses when they come to sell their religiosmut at your door. Comes with a codura nylon sheath with belt loop.

Seriously, this is a great field knife, and belongs in your SHTF/the zombies are attacking!!! bag.

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