Sunday, November 04, 2007

Here we go again

Same old shiite again. The weblog awards are on.

Since I realize that I have to start somewhere, and obviously not at the top, I begin this already behind the voting curve. The polls close on the 8th, and I am 190 votes behind the leader.

Awright now, my traffic meter tells me nearly 75 people read this blog daily (yes, this means you) and that's more than 190 betwixt now and the 8th, when the polls close.

So vote (for me, duh!) vote early and often. The rules say you can vote once per machine. I take that to mean people like S.H and R.H that I visited this summer who have way more than one machine... well, it isn't rocket science.

The company I keep in the top 2501-3000 also rans: (and no, I won't link to them, screw them.)
acephalous--boring literary grad student diariast. Made me wish I'd lost an eyeball, or two
Everyday me, life as it happens...

My husband and I went on our coffee date this morning about 6:00 a.m.. We came home and we both did a little blogging and Mike did some chatting while I did some laundry and sat down with my cookbooks. I came up with a menu that would last us until nearly the end of the month (minus the holiday trimmings). I then sorted through our pantry and fridge to see what was there and started writing out our grocery list. For the first time ever, I took the grocery list and sorted it by aisle...

Wait, I am in the running with this? Am I this dull?
Driftglass: Links to our good friends at Sadly, No! Enough said.
A tiny revolution: compares soldiers greeted in iraq after the liberation with Nazis greeted after they conquered various countries. Other than that, links everywhere, without any real commentary (works for insty, right?)
creek running north: WTF? I read the main page, it made no sense. Had a picture of buttered toast. This guy is leading?
Random Thoughts: Should win best blog in the world based on originality of name alone. Only links on blogroll are for jewish sites (No, Really!) and wrote at length about bagels.
Daddy's Roses: 1st post: Tip #4: Remember that you need at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, and they are best for you uncooked. That's easy!!! Just add a plate of tomato slices, broccoli florets, baby carrots, apple slices, a can of fruit, etc. to improve the health value (and appearance) of any meal. (Seriously!?!)
Boots and Sabers: Finally, another milblog. Wait. Nothing to read here. More blogging a'la instapundit, where you get a link, a blockquote, and maybe a whole line of commentary. Also, though they link to many good blogs, some, like castle Arrgh are listed under "pissheads" not sure if that's a compliment, but doesn't sound like one. And only one is the military (okay, in this instance, I consider the USAF the military). They get the whole boots and sabers from their time as lovers at texas a&m. Sorry boys, we all played dress up when we were kids. It doesn't make you a warrior.
Booker Rising--A news site for black moderates and black conservatives.: Since I am neither, that is a Black moderate or a black conservative, I don't get this website. Then again, it isn't for me. Sorry for the niggardly commentary, but I don't have much to say.

How could any rational person NOT vote for me?

I was going to explain how much better my blog was on a day when I didn't update or post anything than it is on any of their best days, but I am not that petty.

Yes, I actually am, but I'm also tired. Suffice to say, I'm bound to lose this one too. I'm ranked 6th of the ten blogs listed. That means there are (by popular vote) 2507 better blogs than mine. And apparently, the yawn-fest listed above is better. Perhaps I'll start just posting to do lists, and random links.


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