Friday, November 02, 2007

Reagan knew what to do...

When federal employees bitch about their jobs.

So, After reading This and This, and then This, I called here and told them:

"Hello, this message is for Secretary rice.
Mme. Secretary, My name is Major Chuck Ziegenfuss. We met briefly in 2005, when I was a patient at Walter reed. I have read recently of the current row with your foreign service officer corps, over their not wanting to serve at the embassy in Iraq.
I will gladly serve at that embassy, if you like. I don't believe the duty to be anywhere near the danger I faced previously, and would gladly represent the United States' interests to the Iraqi people. Please consider me for the posting. "

Now, I do not know if I can "dual hat" and work for defense/state. I know that the military has FAO's, Foreign Area Officers, who get posted to embassies, but dunno if I could actually be a foreign service officer.

If I can, and She needs me, I will. Not gonna throw away 15 years of service in the Army if I can't do both, but I think at the level she works at, things can be arranged. Just waiting on the phone call...


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