Monday, November 05, 2007

Thank for all of your donations thus far, but there's miles to go before we sleep.

I cannot thank you all enough for the time and energy you devote to this great project. It is important to note:
1. ALL of the monies donated to Project Valour-IT go to laptops. We [soldiers angels] never use it for admin, web fees ect. In May we handed out 1000th laptop and last week we passed 1600.

2. We are getting the laptops through Best Buy at an average of 600 dollars per laptop. CAPs has come in to provide voice activation, palm pilot and neat accessories, Soldiers Angels provides the laptop, bag, the shipping if needed and covers the 3 percent in paypal fees.

3. We have been able to distibute to Walter Reed, Bethesda, BAMC, Balboa and Pendleton and personal homes. We have shipped to Palo Alto and several Fisher Houses.

This has been the most rewarding program and not only are our wounded are responding, but so are their families, the staff caring for them and the cases workers. Please feel free to contact myself our any of our Board if you have any questions, Thank you to Beth and Chuck and each and everyone of you for your stellar work.


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